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Jennifer Schwartz-Flack




Dr. Sharon Buchbinder Professor and Author

"Some Other Child"


Jed Grant of

Innovative Website for Readers and Writers


Virginia Carraway Stark

Author and Publisher

Starklight Press



Fiona Quinn

Author and Blogger Extraordinaire




Mary Skeirik

President and CEO of

Perfect Storm Charities


Mary Ting/M.Clarke

International Bestselling Author


Cathy Rafferty

Author of "I Am Not A Barbie"


Sarah Natale

Author of "The Kiss of Death"


Shannon Jones

Historian and Author'


John Hazen

Author of "Dear Dad; Fava; and Journey of An American Son"

Suzanne G. Rogers

Author of "Children of Yden" Series




Frantiska (Tish) Oliver

Author of 

"I Can See You" and "Never Forget The Past"


Robin M. Gilliam 

Author of

"Gift of Desperation"


Sandra R. Campbell 

Author of

"Butterfly Harvest," "Dark Migration"  and "The Dead Days"


Melissa Martineau Alexander 

Author of

"Anatomy Of An Affair - Part One" 

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